Call-in numbers and access codes for those who want to listen in to the Ghislaine court case tomorrow. It starts at 6amPST/9amEST.

Jordan Sather


Montanans Untied for Medical Freedom & Against the Mandate rallies were an outstanding success! Estimated attendance in total exceeded 1,000:

🥇 Billings: 200+ 🔥 crushed it
🥈Missoula: 200
🥉 Sidney: 120
🇺🇸 Bozeman: 100
🇺🇸 Kalispell: 100
🇺🇸 Helena: 80
🇺🇸 Hamilton: 80
🇺🇸 Great Falls: 60
🇺🇸 Miles City: 40
🇺🇸 Glendive: 30

Thank you to all the following grassroots groups and organizations who stepped up to organize this:

Big Sky Liberty Alliance
Montanans for Limited Government
Montanans for Vaccine Choice – Bozeman, Kalispell, Hamilton, Helena, Miles City Chapters
MTHFR – Montanans for Health and Family Rights
Montana Daily Gazette
Missoula County Tyranny
Conservatives for Richland County
Richland County Republicans
Eastern Montana Healthcare Workers Unite
Gallatin Unmasked
Manzella’s Mountain Movers Network

Thank you to all the following Officials & Candidates who showed up in support:

Dr. Al Olszewski for Congress Western MT
John Fuller HD 08 – Kalispell
Brad Tschida HD 97 – Missoula
Theresa Manzella SD 44 – Ravalli
Michele Binkley HD 85 – Hamilton
Tom McGillvray SD 23 – Billings
Wyatt English – Miles City House candidate

Contact [email protected] if your group was left out or you were a candidate who attended.

MTHFR – Montanans for Health and Family Rights


The answer to the mockingbird media’s fear campaign is not more fear but peace and truth.
The answer to the wind and waves is not chaos but a steady gaze on God.
The answer to the giants we face is not to rely on our own strength but on God’s and to arm ourselves with our slingshots.
Remember that you are the calm before and during the storm.
Remember that you’re not alone.

Pepe Lives Matter 🐸




Two Things:

1. The human potato confirms that memes are, in fact, an effective means of shifting public perception.

2. The left can’t meme.

We The Media


Watch as truth bomb after truth bomb lands 🔥

Tommy Robinson News


The church of woke.

Believe in nothing while pretending to represent everything.


Tommy Robinson News


A peer reviewed paper predicts an increase in risk for acute coronary syndrome after taking the mRNA vaccine 👀

Link below 👇🏻

Tommy Robinson News




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— MTHFR - Montanans for Health and Family Rights

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