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Telegram post from Charlie Kirk:

The Center for Disease Control is engaged in state-sponsored child abuse by pushing masks for children.


Telegram post from Tommy Robinson News:

This was the moment St.Louis County Council declared an end to the mask mandate yesterday.

Celebrating simple freedoms they took from us, never forget what they did.


Telegram post from CJTRUTH (OFFICIAL):

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7


Telegram post from PhoenixLadyRising:

Creativity will be the watchword of this new (yet ancient) paradigm, along with the pioneering spirit. And we will all be equals as Children of Yahowah, the One True God, His Beloved.

May Yahowah wrap His comfort, healing, and guidance around all of us, the Just and Unjust alike, as He guides us through these turbulent times. Amen!


Telegram post from PhoenixLadyRising:

From Anna Shchemelinin (MT First Audit Chat):

I just submitted my letter to the Editor of Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
I don’t believe it will ever be published. But, laughing at communists helped Soviet dissidents survive without getting insane and speed up Perestroika. Members of MTAuditChat are becoming dissidents of Biden’s America and in my opinion, it’s long time overdue to American Perestroika to happen.
Here is my letter:

“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength…”

Hatred is Love.
Rainbow is Purple.

The best thing that happened during the July 26th school board meeting is that I had a chance to see the faces of the American division of the 50-cent army… Well, only half faces, but in the world where smiles are biological weapons, it was already a big achievement.

Yet, the lack of imagination of a purple movement was so apparent, it was pathetic, especially considering that the reason for Purples to attend the meeting was to confront ‘some misinformed, uneducated’ community members who ‘mistake’ the ‘equity and inclusiveness’ with political brainwashing.

The Purples’ scriptwriters should understand that the message “It works great for my child, so you must enforce it for everyone” doesn’t work well for people who insist that “It hurts my children, and you may not force it on them”. They also could do a better job than just translating “Отдельно взятые несознательные члены общества” (“some misinformed…“) from Brezhnev-era Russian to Biden-era English. It’s a bit of pity that the American 50-cent army is so underpaid they cannot afford anybody with original ideas.
Or, maybe, it’s just a plain reality that any originality is forbidden when equity is a major requirement. Anything that is out of pre-approved by purple experts’ talking points can potentially trigger some members of the purple community and therefore must be banned.

The generation that grew up with the belief that if someone earned a price, they also had to have it, evolved into believers that “a man can’t have a steak because a baby can’t chew it.” (By the way, Mark Twain was a liberal. )


Telegram post from PhoenixLadyRising:

But God is the Ultimate Storyteller, and history is His Story. He has won because He IS, and this story serves His purpose of helping us, His Children, grow into adults through experiencing the depths of despair and Hell, to be rescued by the very life, sacrifice, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus, who is now beginning to manifest Himself through the Holy Spirit in our time. As I’ve said before, we’re now experiencing the separation of the sheep and the goats before His Throne–and learning that each of us has only the one choice, to love God as Abba and accept our places and each other within His Family, or to deny both and run screaming from the Glory of His Face into the deepest, darkest hole we can find–only to discover that in Him can no darkness be found, and that the inside of a black hole is filled forever with screaming brightness.

Abba, please wrap Your comfort, healing, and guidance around all of us, the Just and Unjust alike, so we may BE Your comfort, healing, and guidance in the world to shatter all the strongholds of Satan and his Baals as we DO Your Will on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen!


Telegram post from PhoenixLadyRising:

Sadly, the mainline Protestant Churches led the way into the morass as they allowed themselves to be infiltrated by the demonic self-hatred of Satan and his Baals. I watched it happen to the United Church of Christ (the union of the Congregational Churches and several other denominations) beginning in the 70’s, followed quickly by the American Baptists, the Methodists, and the Presbyterians in the 80’s. Satan and his Baals, even then, played on our guilt and shame over being (mostly) White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, supposedly pride-filled over being “better” than everyone else (especially those evil Catholics). What we’re seeing now is not new. It’s ancient. Satan and his Baals have always been evil storytellers, great at twisting words into their opposites, polishing them to be bright and shiny so as to hide the evil purposes behind them. And they have long known how to play on our natural sense of insecurity that rises from the cognitive dissonance between knowing, on the instinctual level, that we are part of Reality as a whole–indeed couldn’t exist if Reality as a whole did not exist, and the sense of being separate from Reality as a whole that rises from our development of language to define everything as “not-me.”

That cognitive dissonance is at the root of the hurt that inevitably afflicts each of us starting at birth, when we become physically separated from our mothers and begin growing as unique individuals. If we don’t get enough of God’s comfort, healing, and guidance as babies and toddlers from our parents, as God’s physical representatives, how are we to learn how to deal with that pain. and the pride that rises from it during the healing process? Without comfort, healing, and guidance, each wound becomes a scar, a brick in the foundation of the Tower of Power each of us may build over a lifetime in hopes of avoiding further pain.

Now, millennia after the Serpent beguiled the naïve Eve in the Garden, we are coming to the end of this story being acted out as a battle between God and Satan (and the Baals). Satan’s ultimate Tower of Power, containing billions of people lost in their own towers of power, seems to control the entire world. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, and visible leader at the top of this Tower of Power, wrote a book containing his vision of what the world should look like by 2050. I saw a quote from it yesterday. It is horrifying. To summarize it, he believes four billion “useless eaters” (that’s us Christians and others at the very bottom of the world Tower of Power) must be eliminated through the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, war, famine, disease, and death. Four billion people, all beloved by God (whether they love him or not). That’s more than half the current world population. What Klaus Schwab wants is a world with no more than a billion people remaining alive, of which half (500,000) are Chinese and Japanese because they’ve been regimented over the millennia of their existence and will serve adequately as serfs, to feed, clothe, and otherwise care for the remaining 500,000 elite who will rule them in fiefdoms around the world. Klaus specifically says in this quote that everyone in Northern Europe and North America (the White race) must be among those eliminated, with the implication this is because we’re not willing to sit down, shut up, and serve our masters.


Telegram post from Missoula County Tyranny:

We use ES&S machines in many counties in Montana. The chair of the Republican Party in Missoula, Vondene Kopetski, gave a special exception to ES&S machines when asked about widespread election fraud in Montana. She said that fraud concerns have to do with Dominion machines, not ES&S. I think Vondene should consider pulling her head from the clouds before she is suspected as “being in on it.”


Telegram post from KanekoaTheGreat:


NBC News casually mentioning 10-months before the 2020 election that ES&S is using 14,000 modems to connect voting machines to the internet.

Featuring a “top computer scientist” explaining to you “once a hacker starts talking to the voting machine through the modem they can hack the software in the voting machine and make it cheat in future elections.”

Followed by a “cyber security expert” explaining how he warned election officials in August of 2019 that their voting machines were online, but they still hadn’t taken them offline in January of 2020.

Don’t worry ES&S was only using 14,000 DS200 tabulators with online modems. I’m sure no one hacked into a single one during the “most secure election in US history”.

It’s not like NBC News ran a special telling hackers 14,000 tabulators are connected to the internet.




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Telegram post from Missoula County Tyranny

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Looks like Cascade County got 294,000 from CTCL! https://www.krtv.com/news/great-falls-news/cascade-county-receives-294k-grant-for-elections-administration —Frank Smerker

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Telegram post from Missoula County Tyranny: This "JEDI" (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Joint Resolution from Missoula County Board of Cemmissioners and City Council is from a Soros-backed Org...

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Shut down government schools. The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a national union led by hard-line leftist Randi Weingarten, has announced adding $2.5 million to an existing legal defense...

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"Mystical references to 'society' and its programs to 'help' may warm the hearts of the gullible but what it really means is putting more power in the hands of bureaucrats."—Thomas Sowell

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Who is operating the real death cult?People who share about the promise of forgiveness and everlasting life?Or the people cancelling others and telling us we will die in ten years of a climate apocaly...

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Telegram post from Tommy Robinson News This

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Telegram post from Tommy Robinson News Trudeau already lined up years of experimental covid vaccine "booster shots", disturbing to say the least.

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New election audit channel for Montana on Telegram: https://t.me/MTAuditChat

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Telegram post from Tommy Robinson News:

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Telegram post from Missoula County Tyranny: Missoula City Council and County Commissioners are prepping to pass their Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion "JEDI" Resolution. It's a Con. Just like th...

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Telegram post from Praying Medic: