We sent an email to Ward 5 Councilwoman Stacie Anderson shortly after we learned of her claims that the legislature had “fully investigated” the ballot discrepancy in Missoula County and found them to be “completely aboveboard.”

We have not yet heard back from her. Here is our email to her for posterity:

On Jul 3, 2021, at 11:27 AM, [email protected] wrote:

Ms. Anderson,

I hope you will be enjoying a patriotic 4th of July this weekend.

My name is Roy McKenzie and I am a reporter for Missoula County Tyranny. We recently reported on the discrepancy of 4,592 ballots missing legally required chain of custody documentation from the Missoula County 2020 General Election which your colleague Sandra Vasecka mentioned at Monday’s meeting.

During the last Monday’s City Council meeting you made a couple of claims I wanted to clarify for our readers and Missoulians and Ward 5 residents:

The voting fraud claims you’ve cited have been investigated numerous times and were found to not be credible.

1. Can you name the specific investigations you are referring to and which investigation pointed to the claims not being credible?

There has been numerous election claims brought by and fully investigated by members of the legislature and have been investigated and by the Missoula County Elections and have found to be that our elections were completely aboveboard following the laws as put out.

2. Which members of the legislature performed a full investigation of the claims?

3. Who found that our elections were “completely aboveboard”?

4. Do you still maintain, after being informed of the 4,592 ballots missing chain of custody documentation, that Missoula County Elections were “completely aboveboard”?

Thank you and have a great Independence Day,

Roy McKenzie

[email protected]

Missoula County Tyranny


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