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We’re unlikely to have any more elections, if it’s true the US Corporation has been dissolved. Power is devolving rapidly back to each of us as individuals as the overall Tower of Power (aka world wide Ponzi scheme set up by the CB, the DS, and so on over the millennia, but especially the last two centuries) has been decapitated over the course of Pres. Trump’s first term in office. The subordinate Towers of Power are unable to maintain cohesion without the 13 bloodline families (such as the Borgias) eliminated in Venice in Dec. 2016 to act as the top of the pyramid (all-seeing eye). These subordinate Towers of Power (with people like Claus Schwab at the top), are in a panic on one level because they may not actually know what happened to their superiors, and they don’t know how to manage on their own. As a result, they are shaking themselves apart from the top down.

At the same time, Pres. Trump and the Patriots have been red-pilling the producers at the bottom of all these Towers of Power to realize they’ve been lied to, stolen from, mistreated, and have received nothing but grief from their supposed superiors. Many have simply walked away, while others, as we’re seeing, have taken to the streets in protest. This is causing the Towers of Power to drop straight down, like a controlled demolition.

Now, with the massive class action lawsuits being filed against Big Tech, soon Big Pharma, the MSM and the companies behind them, the middle of the Towers of Power are beginning to implode as their entire legal framework is ripped apart, their stolen wealth removed, and their people brought to justice one way or another.

Fortunately the loyal sheepdogs in the military (mostly special ops and Space Force is my guess) are acting under martial law, but behind the scenes, unlike in Myanmar. When the time is right, they will act. Sometime before the end of the year is my guess, possibly as early as August, maybe as late as September or October. By then, it will have been conclusively proven that the 2020 Election was stolen by a cabal consisting of the remaining heads of the Towers of Power (from the CCP in China, to the Ayatollahs in Iran, to Maduro in Venezuela, and who knows who else–to the CEOs of the multinationals–Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Entertainment, aka MSM, etc.) to the point where a comms blackout is attempted.

EO 13818 and EO 13848, neither rescinded by Biden, basically wipe out the wealth and power sucked into the Towers of Power, leaving them with no money, and no leaders. It’s possible the class action lawsuits are actually a cover for the implementation of those two EOs.

We the People need to get serious about preparing to take back the responsibility stolen from our forebears by the elitist crybabies trying to control the world for their own sake. We barely know what it means to be responsible for our choice to accept or deny Reality as a whole (God) and our places in it (as His Beloved Children) but we must learn very quickly, because once our King Jesus finishes persuading the goats to run screaming, stomping their feet, and lashing out at Him and us into hells of their own choosing, we’ll be stuck learning to exercise the power and authority He granted us in the Garden and returns to us now.

Be ready for both the Great Awakening, and the Great Revival. The transition to the Blanket of Faith, in which each of us has a personal relationship with God through Jesus and in the Holy Spirit will happen quickly and in ways we don’t expect.

Be ready.


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