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Montana Politics Update 7/22/21
is up to 304 members. If you’re not there, join us

This mailing list is up to 43 members. If you aren’t here, send me an email with your name and county, and I’ll add you.

Here’s today’s update.


CRT/Education (The following links are a thread on the audit chat that I thought people should see, followed by the article from the Epoch Times about AG Knudsen’s opinion regarding the legality of teaching any elements of CRT)

You should also have gotten by separate email Rep. Tom Burnett’s update on what’s going on in Bozeman regarding the battle over CRT (especially in the Bozeman Chronicle).

Audit Petition website:

Correction of a comment yesterday about Lake County stonewalling. I’m informed it was actually Lewis and Clark County that is stonewalling (why am I not surprised…)
, recommended by Lady Draza for those doing voter roll analysis

Other Political Concerns Amnesty DACA bill not acceptable for anyone having to deal with people who don’t understand why we refuse to comply.

Door-to-Door Vaxx Nuttiness; ‘That Kind of Heavy-Handedess Won’t Fly Here’ Remarks MT Attorney General

More about how to deal with Vaxx Solicitors.

For those who feel otherwise unable to help, we ALWAYS need prayer. The owners of the America First Audit channel on Telegram have just set up the following special channel for Prayer Warriors. Please feel free to join them at

Heather, one of our admins on the Montana First Audit chat, has created a room where we can talk about Montana’s OTHER problems. Here’s the invite link.

Jeff Coplen reports: “I was able to get all information from Stillwater County today re: CTCL grant in the amount of $5,000.00. I have attached the CTCL grant application, grant acceptance and final report. As you can see the Clerk/Recorder copy of final report is handwritten, however when sent back to the CTCL people it was completed on a computerized form. I was also given copies of all receipts that backup all the expenditures that Stillwater County incured for the grant moneys received. The Clerk/Recorder was very polite and courteous throughout the process. I did not ask about the election judges but would be willing to go back for that. If you need copies of all pages I could fax them to you.
“Hope this helps our cause in restoring our election process to America’s standards. If there is anything else I can do please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.”

Jane Lewis reports: “Roy and I both are updating the spreadsheet to make sure we have all the data. But Roy is keeping the master file so he can post the responses. Roy, I also have $294,128 from Cascade for a total of $1,196,492, including the $5000 for Stillwater. I’ll double check the posts to see the source for Cascade. BTW, $5000 was the minimum given by CTCL.”


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Guess who just confirmed to be at our Ad Hoc Committee Election Hearing?

Guess who just confirmed to be at our Ad Hoc Committee Hearing!

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The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren

β€œWhen the history books are written, we will not look wise or kind for insisting that kids and toddlers wear masks for hours on end, year after year, without ever testing this policy with controlled trials. We will look ignorant, cruel, fearful, and...

The narrative is collapsing. Listen to someone who originally fell for…

The narrative is collapsing. Listen to someone who originally fell for it hook and line and sinker: "We were told: You get the vaccine and you get back to normal. And we haven't gotten back to normal." She then admits that cloth masks don't work, pa...

Regarding Masks Mandates, Montana Governor and State Superintendent Urge School Boards, Administrators to Listen to Parents and Science

"As we have heard from hundreds of parents across Montana, it is critical our kids get back into the classroom in as normal a setting."

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Telegram post from CodeMonkeyZ [Ron Watkins]:

Community Hospital To Fire Unvaccinated Workers Despite Losing 26% of Beds Since September

Many nurses and healthcare workers have been seeing the writing on the wall for months now. Hospitals across the United States have been sending notices to their workers, pressuring them to get vaccinated. On Veteran's Day, Missoula's Community Medic...

Neil Oliver’s latest covid monologue, this guy has a second to…

Neil Oliver's latest covid monologue, this guy has a second to none way with words πŸ™πŸ»

Amber Sherrill and Mike Nugent

Missoula City Council Candidate “Honored” to Receive Endorsement from Exiting Councilor Who Mandated Masks

Ward 4 candidate Mike Nugent announced on his Facebook page that he was "honored" to have the endorsement of incumbent Ward 4 councilwoman, Amber Sherrill. Sherrill will not seek re-election this year and bears partial responsibility for mask mandate...

WATCH: Missoula Schools Trustee Declines Mask, Chair Suspends Meeting for “Spreading Germs”

On Tuesday night, the regular meeting of the Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) Board of Trustees was suspended by board chair Diane Lorenzen after trustee Mike Gehl declined to wear a mask. An agenda item that was set for discussion was Montana H...

VIDEO: East Helena Mothers Kicked Out of School Board Meeting by Superintendent

In a video posted May 17th to the MT Women for Freedom Facebook Group, concerned mothers can be seen attempting to attend the East Helena School Board meeting before being blocked by the Superintendent. The meeting was set to review masking policy fo...

New from POTUS45 Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Trust the plan. β€”…

New from POTUS45 Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Trust the plan. β€” Praying Medic

Twitter banned the account of Dr Robert Malone. The inventor of…

Twitter banned the account of Dr Robert Malone. The inventor of the mRNA technology. β€” MJTruth πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸΈUsπŸΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

The Powerful Pfizer Presentation That Got Dr. Robert Malone Kicked Off…

The Powerful Pfizer Presentation That Got Dr. Robert Malone Kicked Off Twitter @KanekoaTheGreat β€” KanekoaTheGreat

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The Great Reset ran into a Great Wall called The Great Awakening. While The Great Reset frantically tried to find a way through the Great Wall, Omicron dropped down from the Heavens and beat it to death.

Tony Fauci – “It was very Simple… You take an infectious…

Tony Fauci - "It was very Simple... You take an infectious agent and you introduce it to a population"

11 Montana, 3 Missoula Educators Pledge to Teach Racism a “Defining Characteristic” of Present Day US in Defiance of AG Opinion

Montana educators are ready for racialized struggle sessions that teach "racism a defining characteristic of our society today."

UPDATED: Federal Judge Grants Montana’s Request For Injunction On CMS Vaccine Mandate, Benefis Insists on Jab

Montana healthcare workers are protected under HB-702 which adds vaccination status as a protected class.