Missoula county is a stunning cesspool. Tester been meeting a lot with Engen. As well they just jacked up our property taxes 15%-22% this year. The only way we are going to stop them is a full on attack of facts and law’s. Engen has been Mayor since 2004 and no one and I mean no one can get him out of office trust me we have tried many time’s. I am fed up with the drug addicts and drunks destroying our town which was built on the backs of blue collar worker’s. Loggers built this county many generation’s ago. I am fed up with the liberal cesspool swimming here and spilling out all over the place. I spoke with Brad Tsichad a week ago and he said that they will continue with the property taxes to take over this county by imminent domain by forcing home owners to sell or lose their properties. He also stated we don’t have a revenue issue we have a group with a spending issue…( a foolish one my words ). My husband and I had to leave here in 2008 when Stimson lumber my husband worked there for 17yrs went down thanks to Obama’s scrap and destroying the timber industry and had to live in Wyoming for 12 yrs to finish getting closer to save our retirement and been back for 3 yrs and Missoula has gone down hill in that time. There’s no pride here or very little the ones of us trying to save Missoula keep trying but there’s a lot that don’t care in the least bit for our home County here in Missoula. Now they are changing the zip codes again which I guarantee you it has to do with elections. We need to shake this county awake and take back what our past generation’s built for us. I never use to carry my gun here in the past but I do now. That says a lot right there. I don’t condone violence either but I won’t allow someone to perpetrate it upon me either. I know there’s election fraud in this county and we need to stop it. Stay safe and eyes wide open my friends who live this County and America 🇺🇸.


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