This isn’t newsworthy, but something to keep in mind: In January when I first created the site it was not a blog. Just a one pager explaining why the tests were BS, the difference between a case and a clinical infection, and the lawsuit that was filed against the Governor by Stand Up Montana. I went around to all the businesses downtown to spread the word about the lawsuit with a flyer. I especially targeted bars. I stepped into the Top Hat and spoke to the bartender about the lawsuit and asked if she would give the flier to the owner so he could join the lawsuit. Nick Checota happened to be sitting right next to me (I had never met him). He introduced himself to me and explained he would not join the lawsuit because he was collaborating with some other businesses to work with the county. I was revolted visibly and I pulled the flyer out of his hand and told him that I would save the flyer for someone who wanted to help Missoulians. I left. As I was walking out he stood up from his barstool and said that he had employees to think about. I told him that it’s not going to stop until we say so.


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