Telegram post from PhoenixLadyRising:
I wrote the following in my Personal Log this morning before doing anything else. I’ve edited it slightly.

“I remember seeing a bumper sticker while in Bozeman Friday for the movie and grocery pickup. It said, “The last time politics got mixed with religion, witches were burnt at the stake.” Typical Lefty idiocy. Politics has always been mixed with religion—and all too often controlled by a religion, not by faith. What we have now is the religion of communism (or worse) mixed with and controlling Democrat-ruined politics (and trying to force all of us “useless eaters” to just die already).

True faith, the relationship between You and us, Your beloved children, IS politics as we learn to work with You and each other to BE and DO Your Will on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The problem is that the evil storytellers have managed over the two millennia since You walked among us to corrupt the relationship You tried (and succeeded among those who knew You personally) to show us—to love one another as You have (and do) love us. Every religious structure taking the name of Christianity is an attempt by those evil storytellers to squeeze Your Faithful into their structure of control—their Tower of Power—with them at the top (e.g. the Pope, the Patriarch, etc.). Sadly, far too many of Your Faithful have fallen into their traps because they don’t understand what You meant when You told them to love one another as You have loved them. They STILL put way too much emphasis on being sinners (evil people who hate You) in need of Your Mercy, instead of fully accepting Your Mercy and letting go of their “sinful” past.

But then, I recognize that sin means nothing more nor less than separation from You, and that no matter what we think (or want), that separation is an illusion that can be seen through and therefore set aside. We CAN let go of the past, once and for all, and KNOW our inadvertent sins of commission or omission ARE forgiven forever by Your sacrifice, as we acknowledge them and apologize to those we’ve hurt. We CAN learn to treat each other with the respect and love we desire from everyone else. We CAN learn to let go of the guilt and shame dumped on us as children.

I get that many pastors are trying to be an example to everyone (especially the children and the Lost) of the A-B-C’s of the Dig It rap from the VBS. Accept you’re a sinner and repent. Believe that Jesus forgives your sins. Confess that Jesus is your lord and savior. Or something to that effect. But that is NOT what You really want us to do, is it? We’re really supposed to be examples of what it is to live a life forgiven forever—no longer full of self-hatred built of shame and guilt dumped on us by everyone around us. Your love and forgiveness are that shield of faith Paul writes about that deflects all those slings and arrows thrown at us by others lost in their own self-hatred. But what good is that shield if we put it down and let those slings and arrows in to make us feel bad?

I woke up this morning to an interesting conversation between You, acting through me, I guess, and someone lost in self-hatred and lashing out at me. I wish I could remember it better, but it went something like me asking, “Why do you hate me?” Then letting them get all their frustration and fury with me (and You) out without saying anything. When they finally run out of things to say, possibly ending with something like “You obviously hate me,” I’d ask why they would think that. Again, when they finally run out of words, I’d ask as gently as I could why they hate themselves. Or perhaps who told them they were useless, worthless, helpless, and hopeless when they were little.


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