Telegram post from We The Media:

This is how it works:

1. Trump comes to power and goes to work unraveling the decades of foreign wars deliberately instigated by the corrupt D.C establishment and their globalist overlords.

2. He neutralizes the Taliban and announces troop withdrawals.

3. This resonates with Liberals who also don’t like war.

4. The criminal globalist elite, with help from their Chinese Communist allies, steal the election and grind Trump’s peace agenda to a screeching halt.

5. Biden tells his liberal base that he also doesn’t like war and wants the troops brought home too – so he looks good – except he delays the withdrawal until later in the year. This was of course simply to buy time to re-arm the Taliban and prepare for their march on Kabul.

6. Then the criminal globalist elite immediately restart their lucrative campaign of destabilization and conflict in the middle east.

7. Biden announces he is forced to cancel the withdrawal – and send even more troops – to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

8. Wars resume, Democrat voters are persuaded it was necessary, Biden looks like he had no choice and the criminal elite continue to enrich themselves on human suffering.

So glad there’s a Plan.


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