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She is calling for vaccine requirements for interstate travel, mandates for schools, and a national proof of vaccination system. She is also calling to defund states who do not comply with the tyrannical vaccine mandates.

There needs to be a big push to deport Leana Wen back to China or arrest her for treason. She was not born in America. She was lucky enough to be able to come here and she’s acts like a communist parasite. She has no respect for the American people who built this country. She is the CNN medical analyst promoting vaccine passports every day. Her and her father worked with the CCP. She is a spy, a parasite, and a threat to America. She has worked for the WHO, CCP, Planned Parenthood, CNN and the Rockefeller foundation. The time to start a campaign to deport her or arrest her is right now!


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  1. Joe Dirte on September 15, 2021 at 9:28 am

    Agreed, 100%. We don’t need any Chinese in our political system.

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