Telegram post from Montanans for Vaccine Choice:

Health Passes have been used before.
This is a ‘Gesundheits pass’ which means ‘health pass’.
It had to be produced at every doctor’s visit. It did not start with concentration camps, it started with monitoring citizens and dividing them by health status… and much more.

A misnomer, it was not only Jews that were persecuted by Hitler, it was all the undesirables he identified.

Other groups singled out by the Nazis included LGBTQ individuals, the physically and mentally disabled, Roma (gypsies), Poles and other Slavic peoples, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and members of political opposition groups. The health pass helped identify them! However tragic, these non-Jewish victims are typically not considered victims of the Holocaust.

The number of non-Jewish civilians murdered for racial or ideological reasons in concentration camps, historian Yehuda Bauer estimates, was no more than half a million. As many as 35 million non-Jews were killed by the Nazis in the course of the war, he said.

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