Telegram post from Follow the Data with Dr Frank:

I feel the need to reiterate an important aspect of the election integrity movement…

It’s not about evidence anymore.

We already have *mountains* of evidence: mathematical, statistical, logistical, electronic, cyber, physical… affidavits out the wazoo.

Now, it’s about getting this evidence in front of the public’s eyes.

Because our legislators don’t want to address this.

Our legal system doesn’t want to address this.

I think the best way to educate and motivate the public is by canvassing. Not only are we obtaining more evidence, but we are person-by-person exposing citizens to the fraud.

Join a team of canvassers! We are making large improvements in our canvassing strategies. These days, it is becoming more about *confirming* phantom voters than *finding* phantom voters.

Stay tuned… big stuff in the wings.


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