Hellgate Elementary Votes to “Allow” Parents to Decide On Masks for Fall, County Health Recommends COVID-19 Injections

Hellgate Elementary School students pose for photo wearing masks outside. Hellgate Elementary Website.
Hellgate Elementary School students pose for photo wearing masks outside. Hellgate Elementary Website.

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The Hellgate Elementary School Board voted on Monday to “allow” parents to make the determination regarding whether or not to mask their children for the return to school this fall noting that they now consider masking a “family-based decision,”

The School District will regularly provide masks to students and staff. The Board of Trustees’ decision to allow for voluntary use of masks (family-based decision) and to regularly provide masks is based on a review of the circumstances in the community and consultation with local health officials on issues including but not limited to the possibility of exposure and availability of masks. No student and/or staff member will be subject to ridicule for an individual decision to wear or to not wear a mask.

Hellgate Elementary Reopening Plan, Page 4

Not everything will be returning to normal, however. The ten page Reopening Plan (including four additional appendix) outlines many rules still in place in response to COVID-19. Students will still be required to mask their faces on the bus, citing Biden Administration rules. Signs reminding children to wash their hands and social distance will remain, as will some plexiglass dividers. The board of trustees also left open the possibility of closing the school again if a positive COVID-19 case is identified and “effective contact tracing is not possible.” The school board will also direct custodial and maintenance personnel to review water fountains to “ensure they are safe to use.”

The school board provided guidelines for students and is asking that parents sign a “Health & Safety Parent Acknowledgement Form” for students:

– Hellgate Elementary asks that every family having students attend (in-person) Hellgate Elementary sign a Hellgate Elementary Health & Safety Protocol Parent Acknowledgment Form, affirming your commitment to keep your child home if they are sick or have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person.
– All students should do a daily self-evaluation before coming to school or boarding school transportation.
– All students will be instructed on methods to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 at school.
– All students should practice appropriate physical distancing, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.
– All students should regularly wash their hands when reporting to school and after using the restroom.
– All students will be trained on proper hand washing techniques and participate in scheduled hand washing times throughout the day.
– If physical distancing is not possible, face coverings will be made available to all students and staff personnel.
– All students (age-appropriate) will have the opportunity to be given, if they want, a school district supplied non-medical grade face masks/face coverings, that can cover the nose and mouth, while occupying indoor common spaces.
– All masks and face coverings should be free of any inappropriate images, words, political slogans.

Hellgate Elementary Reopening Plan, Appendix A, Student Health Protocols (emphasis theirs)

A randomized clinical trial conducted in Europe and published June 30th found that children wearing masks for only a few minutes could be exposed to dangerous carbon dioxide levels. The study also noted that younger children were exposed to more dangerous levels of carbon dioxide than older ones. The study was funded by a German public charity and led by Harald Walach, PhD, from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Pediatric Clinic.

Additional recommendations were shared with the Hellgate School Board in their agenda packet including guidance from the Missoula City-County Health Department. The health department is currently in hot water after they and Missoula County Public Schools allegedly coerced one student at Big Sky High School to take the experimental COVID-19 injection without parental consent, according to a report from the Montana Daily Gazette.

The health department said in a letter to the Hellgate School Board that, “a fully immunized student is not only less likely to acquire and spread COVID, but is much less likely to miss school or school-activities if exposed.” The health department indicated that to “minimize disruption to students” they encourage providers to offer the experimental injection to students during routine visits and sports physicals stating further that “providers should take every opportunity to vaccinate.”

Children and young adults up to age 19 have a 99.997% survival rate for COVID-19, according to CDC data. Also, cheap and safe drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin can act as treatments and as pre and post exposure prophylaxis. The experimental COVID-19 injections bring the risk of heart muscle inflammation for people under 30 and the risk of an auto-immune disorder called Guillain-Barré syndrome just announced by Jansen for some teaching-aged adults. The syndrome causes the immune system to attack a persons own peripheral nervous system. Countless videos shared online show people injected with the experimental COVID-19 injection not able to control their body movements. According to the UK National Health Service, 20%, or 1 in 5 people who develop the syndrome have “long-term problems.”

In the Missoula City-County Health Department guidance, the county appeared to indicate they had a glut of experimental vaccine doses, directing providers to waste multi-dose portions if necessary, “Due to currently available supply, providers should not miss any opportunities to vaccinate even if it means puncturing a multi-dose vial to administer vaccine without having enough individuals readily available to receive every dose.” The health department suggested providers use incentives like “county fair passes” and “business coupons” to goad those not vaccinated. A look at the county vaccination appointment website at the time of publishing indicates that no one has made any future vaccination appointments. Four appointment seats appear available at all time slots for every day the next several weeks.

Bizarrely, a letter from “Montana Schools Property & Liability Insurance Plan” penned by a Dawn Nygren explained to parents how the shift from “diversity education” to the “Social Justice” tactic by the latest crop of educators was necessary because diversity education, or as Nygren described it, “serv[ing] Sweet and Sour Pork in the cafeteria” wasn’t enough to teach students how to behave around their now racialized peers.

“Over time, it was clear that increased exposure to and appreciation of different cultures didn’t equate to less discriminatory behaviors, which is how the Social Justice approach was born. To address discriminatory behavior, diversity professionals shifted focus to a Social Justice framework—education which is meant to increase awareness about institutionalized social inequality, bias, stereotyping, and privilege. This education is core to building inclusive practices. You can’t change without awareness, but justice education alone often ignites more conflicts, less willingness to learn, and decreased inclusivity.”

Dawn Nygren for Montana Schools Property & Liability Insurance Plan

Nygren goes on to say that teachers need to tightly control when students “share wounds that are generations deep” and perform these rituals “in a place of absolute psychological and emotional safety.”

“I can’t stress how important it is to approach inclusion in a place of absolute psychological and emotional safety.
Minority students are expected to share wounds that are generations deep, and majority students are expected to feel culpable for horrific acts they neither participated in or endorsed. Be strict about how, when, and where students engage in these conversations, and if conflict arises, ensure you address it immediately. If you are unable to resolve any conflicts that surface, seek the help of a diversity or conflict resolution expert.”

Dawn Nygren for Montana Schools Property & Liability Insurance Plan

The Montana School Board Association also provided a copy of their Principles and Guidelines with a note that the organization stands opposed to private and religious schools or “sectarian” schools which they believe to be a violation of the Montana Constitution:

Relevant Guidelines for MTSBA Activities:
MTSBA must:

1. Oppose vouchers, tuition tax credits, and other forms of proposed direct or indirect support for sectarian education that MTSBA believes violates Article X, Section 6 of the Montana Constitution.

Montana School Board Association, Principles & Guidelines, Principle 5

Eyes are now turning to Missoula County Public Schools as parents await the Board of Trustees strategy on returning to class this fall. An agenda has not yet been set, but we will report to readers when the MCPS trustees share their agenda.

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