You Can’t Fool Mother Nature


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A few decades ago there was an advertising campaign that used the tag line “You can’t fool Mother Nature.”  It seems like our government and much of the world does not understand that principle. So called “experts” tried to create a treatment they labeled “a vaccine” for COVID 19 that did not involve reinforcing the human immune system.  The so called “vaccine” was an effort designed to replace the immune system that God (and for some Mother Nature) provided us with at birth.  The experts tried to trick the body into dealing with COVID by the use of an artificial chemical cocktail. 

As the 2021-2022 flu season is approaching, it seems as if COVID and human bodies were not tricked after all.  The “smoke and mirrors” used by the Marxist politicians all over the world to try to convince people they were the saviors of all mankind are falling apart.  

Evidence you can see for yourself is everywhere.  Remember when they told you originally the “vaccine” would not prevent you from getting COVID.  There is now plenty of history validating that position.  You probably know of people that got the shot and now have had COVID. I do. You may know people who had COVID and then got the shot(s) and were sicker from the shots than from the original disease. I do. You may know people who got the shots and are now seriously ill of something that can’t be identified. I do.

So, here we are now in late 2021, and the fear mongers in the media and politicians are cranking up the fear factor again to try to threaten our whole economy again with “mandates” that won’t help the public health issues and might put the final nail in the coffin of the American economy.  I can only hope enough Montanans and Americans have seen every disaster the Marxists and Deep State in the Biden administration have created to understand how little they know about anything.  We can have as equally bad results with Biden’s handling of COVID as his handling of Afghanistan, if we allow him that latitude. 

There is another associated lie that needs to be addressed in regard to the Marxist media and the Biden administration.  Every day on the news they imply that COVID is so bad that hospital resources are being over extended.  It is true that hospitals are having staffing problems, but not because of excessive COVID cases.  Medical professionals are being fired or quitting their jobs because they refuse to subject themselves to their employer’s requirement to take the government’s promoted COVID chemical treatment, the “vaccine.” Last reports from CDC indicate that less than 50% of the medical community trust the government sanctioned COVID treatment.  When forced to choose between their job and their health, they choose to protect their health, as they should. 

All Montanans have the right to make their own decisions concerning their health.  My body, my choice applies to all health issues just like the abortion advocates scream about a women’s right to choose.  What’s good for the goose is good for the geese! 

The bottom line is that COVID will end when it has run its natural course, and not a moment sooner.  If these arrogant Marxists so called experts suggest otherwise, go with your own logic and critical thinking skills.  There are thousands of years of human history to support the fact that  you just can’t fool Mother Nature. 

Steve Rossiter

Steve Rossiter is a 21-year Missoula resident and a retired aviation professional from federal civil service.


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  1. Roger Mitchell on October 5, 2021 at 8:57 pm

    I (along with others) have been talking with people at the Caras Park Farmer’s Market about issues (Covid, loss of personal liberties, etc.) like this every Saturday morning since mid-May. 9/11 was our last day there, but we have not quit. Instead, we moved up to Broadway and Ryman, in front of the courthouse, still meeting every Saturday morning. If you want to join us, we would be glad to have you.

    We (7 or 8) were there last Saturday when a large crowd (200-300) gathered to promote “women’s reproductive choice”, a.k.a., abortion on demand. Since we were next to each other, there was some audible confrontation which could have escalated into physical violence, but thankfully, did not.

    At times, this other group would break into chants–“My body, my choice!” or “Keep your laws off my body!” Whenever this happened, I would simply lift my signs high and show them off. The abortionists had a problem with this, however, since my signs also had a graphic of a hypodermic needle on them, signifying my resistance to the forced “vaccinations” which some are trying to impose on us.

    Engaging in conversation with some of them, it was obvious that they would not follow the logic. My body, my choice is fine as long as it allows me to kill my unborn child, but you are not allowed to use that argument to refuse to take the JAB. Every time we brought up this argument, they would walk away from us rather than admitting the error of their position.

    What is sad about this affair is that the abortionists can produce large numbers of people to promote their viewpoint publicly, but freedom-loving people who are willing to stand, show their faces on a sidewalk, and promote the truth about the situation we find ourselves in are in short supply. What will it take to get people out of their easy chairs and cushy lifestyles to stand up and say, “NO! I will not!”

    I guess only God knows. I am baffled.

    Maybe Janis Joplin was right. Maybe freedom really is just another word for nothing left to lose. Maybe we will have to lose it all before freedom becomes valuable again.

  2. Martin on September 21, 2021 at 10:07 pm

    I do too Steve.
    My employer just told us that we will need to jab up.
    I will not oblige.
    There other countries are rising up with varying levels of success.
    Montana will rise up.
    Missoula might not, but Montana will.
    America will rise up, all the states might not, but America will.
    Rage against the machine.
    God’s will be done.

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