Election Analyst Estimates 46k Excess Votes Across Montana, 25 Counties Show “Likely” to “Obviously Ugly” Election Fraud

Election data analyst Seth Keshel's map of potential election fraud with estimated excess votes.
Election data analyst Seth Keshel's map of potential election fraud with estimated excess votes.

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On July 9th, elections data analyst and former intelligence officer and Army captain Seth Keshel released his county-by-county independent analysis of Montana’s 2020 General Election. Keshel’s analysis involves calculating population growth, demographic changes, and voting trends and shifts from past General Elections. His analysis indicated 46,000 excess votes throughout Montana highlighting six Montana counties, including Missoula County, Cascade County, Flathead County, Gallatin County, Lewis & Clark County, and Yellowstone County as having “obviously ugly” indicators of election fraud.

Data analyst Seth Keshel’s map of Montana indicating likely hotspots for election fraud.
Red: “obviously ugly (6)”, Yellow: “suspect / likely fraud (19)”, Green: “clean (31)”

Keshel estimated excess votes in the “obviously ugly” Montana counties as follows:

County2020 General Election Estimated Excess VotesZuckerberg Funds[1] Provided
Missoula~6,000 excess votes$312,818
Cascade~3,000 excess votes$294,128
Flathead~5,000 excess votes$272,932
Gallatin~7,000 excess votes$292,839
Lewis & Clark~3,000 excess votes(funds not yet known)
Yellowstone~6,000 excess votes(funds not yet known)
Other counties~16,000 excess votes
Seth Keshel Montana analysis. July 9, 2021.

Keshel was interviewed by The Professors Record at the beginning of July regarding his methods and analysis. You can watch that interview here:

Additional Montana elections analysis is also being conducted. Dr. Douglas G. Frank is a physicist and data analyst that has been modeling elections and epidemics for 40 years. He has proven through mathematical modeling that counties throughout the United States were subject to likely algorithmic manipulation of their election tabulation results. Dr. Frank confirmed with Missoula County Tyranny that he is applying his theories to Montana election data.

Dr. Frank’s hypothesis is that an equation can be developed to predict the ballots that will be cast in a county using that county’s voter registration data. Further, the equation for one county can then be applied to any county’s unique voter registration database and the ballots can be predicted to a statistically impossible degree of correlation. According to Dr. Frank, each state has its own formula, but the formula is applied at the individual county level and works for each county, despite different voter registration profiles in each.

Dr. Frank details his analysis in the documentary Scientific Proof by Mike Lindell:

Scientific Proof with Dr. Douglas G. Frank and Mike Lindell. May 3, 2021.

We will update readers once Dr. Douglas Frank releases his Montana analysis.

In October of 2020, Rep. Brad Tschida (HD-97) worked with a group of Missoulians in conjunction with Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman to conduct a review ballot signature envelopes after the 2020 General Election. The goal of the group was to ensure that the ballots cast in the largest mail-in ballot election conducted in Missoula County history matched the number of ballot signature envelopes. Ballot signature envelopes are required chain of custody documents and ballots that do not have an envelope cannot be legally counted.

The group was able to secure the envelopes in January after Seaman requested $3,000. The group conducted a count and visual inspection under the supervision of Seaman and other county elections workers. The group tabulated the envelopes and counted 67,899 envelopes, 6.3% short of the 72,491 ballots cast, revealing a discrepancy of 4,592 ballots missing legally required chain of custody documentation.

The group also found what appeared to be the same signature on 28 ballot signature envelopes all with the same address, Hillside Health & Rehabilitation nursing home in Missoula.

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