Missoula Health Department: “Highly unlikely” To Go Door-To-Door to Coerce Experimental COVID-19 Injection

Health representatives for Massachusetts Department of Health COVID-19 Equity go door-to-door in Farmingham.
Health representatives for Massachusetts Department of Health COVID-19 Equity go door-to-door in Farmingham.

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News broke on Tuesday about the Biden administration’s plans to go door-to-door to coerce Americans not yet jabbed to take the experimental COVID-19 injection. Biden referenced the “Delta variant” of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, mentioning the door-to-door outreach during remarks he made on Tuesday

“Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and often times door-to-door —literally knocking on doors— to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” Biden said.

The White House has been opaque in follow-up questions as to what exactly “door-to-door” outreach will look like with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stating Wednesday, “What this effort is is a continuation of what we have seen as an impactful effort that we’ve had by local public health officials and volunteers in a range of communities over the last month of action.”

We reached out to Missoula County Health Director D’Shane Barnett to find out if federal authorities had contacted them about collaborating on a door-to-door campaign. Barnett said that he hadn’t received any request from state or federal authorities to go door-to-door and that he saw no reason for the health department to do so. But he didn’t rule out the possibility stating,

“Without seeing an actual request, I can’t say that I absolutely would or would not consider it since this is a completely hypothetical scenario. That being said, it is highly unlikely that I would consider a request for our staff to go door-to-door and there would need to be a compelling argument behind any request. At this moment, I see no reason for us to do so.”

When asked if the health department has shared individuals’ vaccination status with the federal government, Barnett shared, “We do not report vaccine data, including individual vaccines status, to the federal government.” We have a question out to the Department of Public Health and Human Services whether or not they have shared individuals vaccination status with the federal government. We will update readers when we hear back.

Barnett replaced former health director Ellen Leahy in May. Leahy recommended throughout the pandemic that the Missoula County Board of Health mask the entire population and restrict their movements and ability to conduct commerce. The Board of Health voted in the affirmative for her recommendations. Leahy and the Health Department are currently the subject of a lawsuit regarding their COVID-19 response.

UPDATED (07/09/2021 @ 10:00am): Updated post to include D’Shane Barnett statement regarding health data sharing.

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