Missoula Schools: Masks Stay Until Children Vaccinated

Board of Trustees supporting masks and vaccines (starting from top left) Jeffrey Avgeris, Arlene Walker-Andrews, Vicki McDonald, Nancy Hobbins, Diane Lorenzen, Koan Mercer, Wilena Old Person, Jennifer Vogel, Ann Wake, Grace Decker.

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The Missoula County Public School Board of Trustees met last night to make decisions regarding mask mandates including the terms required to be fulfilled before the school board will allow children to be unmasked. The “COVID-19 Task Force” subcommittee, appointed by the board of the trustees, recommends lifting the mask mandate after the following requirements are met by parents and students:

  • COVID vaccine is widely available and time has been given to reach immunity for 5 to 11-year olds
  • The incident rate is less than or equal to 20 for three consecutive weeks
  • MCPS records less than or equal to 30 total cases per week for three consecutive weeks
  • The number of close contacts within MCPS is less than or equal to 175 for three consecutive weeks

Despite Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland restricting the use of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine due to the risk of heart inflammation in young boys, the school board subcommittee will not recommend removing the mask mandates until vaccines are available to children and until children 5 to 11-years old reach “immunity.”

The subcommittee also cited rising hospitalizations as a reason for recommending that mask mandates continue to be enforced.

According to school data from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Missoula area schools have seen a total of 24 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began nearly two years ago. Out of 41 schools and 13,887 students, that represents 0.17% infection rate.

School-related COVID-19 cases in Montana. October 7th, 2021. Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

According to recent death and hospitalization data from DPHHS, Missoula County has had 138 deaths from a total of 14,942 cases since the pandemic began. 138 deaths represents a case-fatality rate of 0.9%—less than one percent. That figure is likely lower with officials pointing to positive cases of COVID-19 that are not tracked by tests.

Among the estimated 119,600 people in the county, 138 deaths also represents a 0.11% chance of dying with COVID-19. DPHHS demographic data also shows 72% of deaths with COVID-19 in Montana have been in individuals aged 70 and above and 88% in those 60 and above. State data also shows zero deaths with COVID-19 in people in K-12 age groups.

Statewide Demographic Information for COVID Cases shows low testing in high-risk populations and over testing in low-risk populations.
October 13, 2021. Montana DPHHS

With early treatment, odds are even better. The Western Montana Liberty Coalition, a Missoula-based grassroots community organization, has put together a COVID-19 treatment page listing local pharmacies that will fill physician prescriptions for ivermectin and links to early treatment protocols including the I-MASK+ Prevention Protocol.

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance I-MASK+ Prevention Protocol.

Roy McKenzie

Roy McKenzie has lived in Missoula since 2017 and runs his own software development company. Roy is the Editor of Missoula County Tyranny. Get in touch with him on Telegram.


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  1. Roger Mitchell on November 4, 2021 at 9:37 pm

    “Go with your gut, it’s god telling you something and to act on it.”

    Wayne Zimmerman may be correct in his religious viewpoint, but he falls far short in advising what a parent is supposed to do when they “act” on it, other than to shriek that the people mandating anything for kids in school need to be thrown out.

    The main problem with his thesis is that school participation IS mandated, as are virtually all aspects of it, according to the Will of the State which owns and controls these indoctrination centers of children. Right from the get-go, they are told (mandates) what to do, how to act, where to go, when to move or sit, what to think, how to follow orders and directions. Oh, yes, public schools are all about mandates and the face mask/Covid thing is just one more straw on the camel’s back. God forbid that “we” should teach our kids to think for themselves and learn how to be free in the process.

    I get the impression that Zimmerman would be totally fine with the schools if it wasn’t for that dastardly mask protocol. After all, they are OUR schools, aren’t they? Sure they are! Remind the school board members of that the next time you go, hat in hand, to beg them for a bread crumb. But, hey, you do get to have a part in this circus–a large chunk of your income goes to pay for all these heinous programs which you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

    Nawwhhh, there is only one guaranteed way to make things better for your kids–get them out of there. Instead of throwing out the current crop of rascals, replacing them with someone else, and blindly hoping that things will get better, do the right thing by your children. Inform them that they will no longer be attending Missoula County Public Schools and start a different method of education for them. ASAP! Their future depends on your action today.

    Or will you wait for the MCPS to “mandate” the Jab for your children?

  2. Wayne Zimmerman on October 14, 2021 at 10:06 pm

    Studies show that masks are HIGHLY CONTAMINATED with ALL sorts of bacteria & viruses that are worse than COVID. Why are we mandating this for our children! It is literally making them sick! Fauci knows this. The purpose is to shred their immune systems, limit their breathing and teach them to be afraid of life so they grow up to SUBMIT .
    Just get it stopped Missoula. Get these people mandating anything for our children in the schools out! It is unconstitutional on so many levels. Look up the truth for yourselves, it’s out there. Go with your gut, it’s god telling you something and to act on it.

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