UPDATED: Federal Judge Grants Montana’s Request For Injunction On CMS Vaccine Mandate, Benefis Insists on Jab

Montana healthcare workers are protected under HB-702 which adds vaccination status as a protected class.

PHOTOS: Statewide Rallies Against Vaccine Mandates Draw Over a Thousand Across Montana

Update (11/30/2021): A federal judge has blocked CMS vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. Yesterday, over a thousand Montanans showed up for statewide rallies against vaccine mandates imposed on healthcare workers by the Biden Administration. Demonstrators attended rallies in Billings, Bozeman, Glendive, Great Falls, Hamilton, Helena, Kalispell, Miles City, Missoula, and Sydney at 2:00pm in highly…

Missoula Healthcare Workers Join Statewide Protests Against Vaccine Mandates Nov 28th in 10 Montana Cities

Statewide protests against vaccine mandates set for November 28th at 2PM.

Community Hospital To Fire Unvaccinated Workers Despite Losing 26% of Beds Since September

Many nurses and healthcare workers have been seeing the writing on the wall for months now. Hospitals across the United States have been sending notices to their workers, pressuring them to get vaccinated. On Veteran’s Day, Missoula’s Community Medical Center went a step further and told workers that they need to either get vaccinated or…

St. Pat’s and Montana Hospitals Sue to Force COVID Vaccine on Workers

While other states see workers suing their employers over forced vaccinations, Montanan’s have been protected by HB-702, passed by Republicans in the most recent legislative session. HB-702 prohibits discrimination based on a persons vaccination status or possession of an immunity passport. Employers, government agencies, and public accommodations cannot require vaccination status as a barrier to…

Montana Ace Hardware CEO Excoriates Unvaccinated Employees, Cancels Christmas Parties and Meetings

An employee of Montana Ace Hardware shared a letter they received from President & CEO Stewart Weis in July where he writes to employees how “profoundly disappointed” he is with employee vaccination rates and that decisions to not be vaccinated, outside of a physician recommending against a vaccine, are, “rooted in either being uninformed, misinformed,…

Montana Costco’s Will NOT Require Workers Be Vaccinated, Citing HB702

We told you last week about OSHA regulations that make employers liable for any adverse reactions employees have from vaccines if required to take one as a condition of employment. With recently passed HB702, the Montana Legislature extends protections further to protect Montana workers from being discriminated against in employment based on their vaccination status….