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WATCH: Missoula Schools Trustee Declines Mask, Chair Suspends Meeting for “Spreading Germs”

On Tuesday night, the regular meeting of the Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) Board of Trustees was suspended by board chair Diane Lorenzen after trustee Mike Gehl declined to wear a mask. An agenda item that was set for discussion was Montana High School Association sports eligibility issues, which the chair mentioned was “popular with…

WATCH: Local Artist Travis Mateer Releases “Engen’s Missoula” Documentary Online

Local artist and film producer Travis Mateer released his 3-hour documentary Engen’s Missoula late Wednesday night. “So happy to finally be able to share this, it’s been a long time in the making,” Mateer said in a tweet. The film covers specific points in the administration of Missoula’s 5-term Mayor, John Engen, including the redirection…

Media Response To Manzella Religious Liberty Speech Shows LGBTQ Victimization A Potent Tool To Silence Dissent

Rispen’s took Manzella’s words out of context, stripped them apart, and capped off Manzella’s original thought with a mischaracterization of her statement. Rispens suggested that Manzella was shrugging off violence against LGBTQ people as a “normal consequence” when Manzella specifically said that, according to her beliefs, all people should be approached “in love.”

WATCH: In Forthcoming Documentary “Engen’s Missoula” Councilman Jesse Ramos Explains TIF

Yesterday, local writer, artist, and videographer Travis Mateer released a trailer for a forthcoming documentary about Missoula called “Engen’s Missoula.” The trailer features Ward 4 City Council member Jesse Ramos explaining how a tax scheme called “tax increment financing” skims off the top of property tax-payers yearly tax bill and redirects funds to the Missoula…

Hundreds of Montanans Attend Missoula, Hamilton Election Integrity Events

Wednesday, over 500 Montanan’s and a dozen or more legislators including representatives Paul Fielder (HD-13), Lola Galloway (HD-22), Steven Galloway (HD-24), Bob Phalen (HD-36), Amy Regier (HD-6), Matt Regier (HD-4), Jerry Schillinger (HD-37), Derek Skees (HD-11), Brad Tschida (HD-97), and senators Theresa Manzella (SD-44) and Keith Regier (SD-3) attended events in Missoula and Hamilton which…

Missoula Parents and School Employees Raise Legal Funds For Mask Lawsuit

After Missoula County Schools Superintendent Rob Watson shutdown in-person access to school board meetings and finalized mask requirements for students and staff, despite overwhelming demands for parental choice, Missoula parents and school staff are stepping up their fight against the school board’s unscientific mask mandates. Missoulian and parent Joseph Suchanic took to GoFundMe just over…

VIDEO: State Rep Manzella Calls for Special Session to Perform Forensic Audit of Montana Elections

State Rep Theresa Manzella makes case for Montana Legislature to call themselves back into session to perform audit of Montana Elections.

Missoula City County “Systemic Racism” Joint Resolution Linked to Soros Group, Justifies Further “Woke” Expansion

Missoula City and County leaders look to secure the bag for further bureaucratic expansion citing “systemic racism.”

VIDEO: Missoula Councilwoman Stacie Anderson Spreads Misinformation About 2020 Election Integrity Efforts

Missoula Councilwoman Stacie Anderson shares unfounded claim that Montana Legislature investigated 4,592 ballot discrepancy in Missoula County.

VIDEO: City Council Approves All Mail-In Ballot Election for Mayor, Wards Despite Unexplained Discrepancies in 2020 Missoula Election

Despite protests from public comment and Councilwoman Vasecka, Missoula Councilors voted to approve mail-in ballot election amid unexplained 2020 election discrepancies.